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99% of people won’t reblog this because they think it’ll make their blog look as shitty as their heart.

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Your tumblr!

Ohhhh thank you very much!




omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did

I watched this like 8 times, no joke.

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for every 50 notes this gets i’ll read a chapter of this book: 


What a horrible way to die.

Don’t read it! This book is so bad! I read it because, why the hell not, and I hated it.

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Still looking for a commissioner?

Yes actually I am.

Deciding on a commissioner for Anime North next year. All of my cosplays to date have been handmade (I am the worlds worst sewer) or purchased via Ebay but the fit has always been off due to my odd figure.

I have an XL chest (36G - maybe that’s larger), a medium waist and XL hips. Too top it off I also have a long torso so purchasing cosplays can be a challenge even when I do custom size because my long torso screws people up.

Sooo if anyone knows any good commissioners let a girl know.

Decided too look up a webcomic on Tumblr aka Sandra and Woo and found a hentai picture. The character is 12 so that constitutes pedophilia. That blog has been reported and I pray Tumblr does something about it. I don’t care of it is just a drawn photo it is still pedophilia and it contributes to the child pornography industry.

So there is a Webcomic called Sandra and Woo and the current panel/episode/storyline is on teenage pregnancy. The characters are 12. That is really f’ed up.

When something is really bugging you but you can’t say anything about it when other people ask you because you don’t want to upset the other person so you have to keep it bottled up inside thus causing people to ask you even more what is bothering you.

Just watched the World Cosplay Summit … and here are my opinions

  1. Honk Kong: Insanely gorgeous detail and great armour work. I have no idea what these two are from but they did truly amazing job.
  2. UK: It looks like they put more effort into Sakura’s dress than in Li’s but I can understand that. Put more effort into the showpiece than the background character.
  3. Taiwan: Meh is all I can say about their armour work. Compared to everyone else’s armour these two came off as kind of lack luster, Still impressive for any con but not championship quality.
  4. Indonesia: Jeezus christ this armour is amazing! If I saw this at a con I would be in total awe. The work here is truly impressive, on both costumes.
  5. France: Pretty. But that’s it. Their cosplays look like something you would see at any con. They are still very pretty but not nearly as impressive as everyone elses work.
  6. Italy: Man I love the fabric these two chose! I have no idea who they are supposed to be but the work they put into the costumes is impressive, girly and fun.
  7. Denmark: Dear lord her dress is fantastic! The silver work on his costume is amazing as well. Overall both of their costumes are very elegant and beautiful.
  8. Russia: These two actually came in first place overall and I think, personally, it was more based on their performance then their cosplays. They do really look the part but there are definitely more impressive cosplays in the contest.
  9. Spain: Awww these two seem so happy to be here and their cosplays are quite nice. The fabric seems very plain, but it works.
  10. Japan: Impressive work by the host country. They armor is impressive and the wig on the one guy is fantastic.
  11. China: More impressive armour work here as well as great fur work on the female cosplayer. They look very impressive detail wise.
  12. US: First off this has nothing to do with the girls being plus sized, I AM plus sized so I would never bash a cosplayer based on their size. Unfortunately for the US I feel like they chose a poor series (why would they choose such an obscure cosplay) and I just feel like nothing about their choices, from cosplay to character is up to par for the situation.
  13. Brazil: These two have some great metallurgy work done on their costumes but otherwise they are kind of just there. Not the greatest but certainly not the worst.
  14. Germany: I am very mixed on these two. The workmanship on both cosplays is gorgeous but I feel like  the Sakura’s staff is a little too large ans she herself looks a little too old for the character she is portraying.
  15. Singapore: These costumes look like they could be bought on Ebay. Yeah I said it. They fit really well and their wigs are great but their costumes are very meh.
  16. Finland: More EBay quality here. Good Ebay quality mind you. But Ebay quality.
  17. Mexico: Gorgeous work! The sparkle too the fabric is amazing. My only complaint would be the male characters face paint. It is reeeeally ugly.
  18. Korea: More meh here. The armor is very similar in quality to the Taiwan contestants.
  19. Australia: The girls cosplay is Ebay qulaity again but like the UK you can tell they put all of their attention on the males cosplay and it really payed off!
  20. Thailand: Great details here and they really suit the characters.
  21. Malaysia: What the hell were they thinking when they chose that shiny ass fabric? Otherwise amazing constrution.
  22. Netherlands: The only team that looked worse than the US. Sophie’s dress fit terribly, Howl was barely recognizable

These are really just my opinions though.