Would it be acceptable for wearing a Don’t Huge Me I’m Scared - Paige cosplay to Anime North (cuz I’m getting shit about it from some people)? 

Ik it’s not anime, and I already have it pretty much set, but I’d like to know what you guys think?

As the girl who runs the Western Media (Comics, Movies ets) Photoshoot, I can safely say wear what you want! No one cares at the actual con, just online.

Pre-Anime North Survey!

>What are your cosplay plans?

Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and a Ragnarok Online Scholar

>How’s your progress coming?

Waiting on both cosplays to come in still and I haven’t finished the damn Book of the dead yet!

>Are you staying at a hotel? Which?

My sister and I are booked for the Doubletree, have been since June

>What panels/events are you most excited for?

Like always I am looking forward to running the Western Media Photoshoot and I am hoping to get a spot in Cosplay Chess which will be fun if I get in! I am also looking forward to maybe checking out the 

>How do you feel about the guests so far?

I don’t really care much about the guests as I never go to see them anyway. 

>What is the flavour-of-the-year for cosplay this year?

Attack on Titan for sure, Kill la Kill if they do not freeze to death and speaking of freezing, Elsa’s everywhere likely








Out of everyone in my class who applied for awards, I am pretty much the only person to not even receive an honorable mention.

Even the class Moon Moon got something.

I am beyond depressed today. Yesterday was my programs gala, which I couldn’t attend due to being ill, but today I am reading the flood of nominations and awards recieved.

I am very happy for the winners of my class but at the same time every award I didn’t get even a honourable mention for is a stab in the gut for me.

Especially when the guy in the class who screwed up every little job he had in the program gets two.

It’s depressing when the one thing you have been told you are good at starts to slowly slip away leaving you wondering if you really have any talents at all.

Do I want to cosplay as Morgana from the webcomic Flaky Pastry? I doooooo!

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